‘Passenger’ : A Book Review (Spoiler Free)

So this is my first book review!

‘Passenger’ is a YA historical/science fiction novel about a girl, Etta, who can travel through time. All she wants is to play the violin at her debut but instead, is thrown into the past. Caught in some ancient family rivalries, Etta must find what they want to find her mother. Nicholas is taken from his content life into chaos when an unusual passenger arrives on his ship.

‘Passenger’ is written by Alexandra Bracken who I think is an absolute genius (even though I’ve only read on of her books). This novel, in my words, is not an emotional rollercoaster but an emotional cyclone.

It did take me a couple of chapters to be completely hooked by the book, but once I was stuck in it I had to keep reading to the end. ‘Passenger’ has a very well thought out storyline and is written very efficiently. Everything happens in the book so fast that when you think you’ve read 5 pages you have actually read 10.

This novel though thick in pages (486 to be precise) is very achievable read for anyone. I suggest this book to YA audiences of 14+.

If you haven’t read ‘Passenger’ I really think you should. 😉

– Tamsyn


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