Oh Dear

Sometimes life just gets you. And It’s not what you expect. Sometimes you are unprepared and miss things, but that’s okay.

I’m writing this post while drinking tea and being very very tired. School was very hard this week and full on and I thought I had more time than I did, and I’m sorry guys. So this isn’t going to be a fun post or have anything interesting, I just want to say that sometimes you don’t do what you thought you could.

I thought I had time to write out a proper blog post this week I had it planned but sadly I ran out of time because I was doing other important stuff and I can’t control that.

There will be a proper post next Sunday because I’m hoping I will have more time to think and sleep. Thanks guys for your corporation and I’ll leave you with God’s word:

“Your love lord reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness reaches to the skies.”

  • Psalm 36:5

– Tamsyn


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