Summer Favourites!

As Summer comes to an end I thought that I might share with you some things that I loved this season and where to find them. let’s jump straight in.

Image 25-2-17 at 12.04 pm.jpg

Okay, to start off I have my Zebra Mildliners. When these arrived in the mail for me I was so excited to try them out. They are two end markers that are pastel coloured and have minimal bleed through.

Buy here

Image 25-2-17 at 12.08 pm.jpg

Next up is my planner for this year I love it so much. It gives year outlook, monthly calendar and weekly spreads where you can put all your events and to-do lists in. I  couldn’t find this exact planner on the online store, but here is a link for their other diaries and planners:

Diaries and Planners

Image 25-2-17 at 12.07 pm.jpg

I love Frankie magazines, and issue seventy-six was full of some awesome stuff. I really like how Frankie explores small businesses in Australia and around the world.

Buy here

Image 25-2-17 at 12.06 pm.jpg

I loved this book, highly suggest it, it is a prequel to Alice in Wonderland in the perspective of the red queen.

Buy here

Image 25-2-17 at 12.02 pm.jpg

These are great on my skin they make me feel so clean. I completely recommend these to anyone.

facial moisturiser

facial cleanser

– Tamsyn


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