I’ll Be There – Holly Goldberg Sloan – Book review

I started Reading ‘I’ll Be There’ yesterday afternoon. I finished it this morning, my goodness that book is good.

‘I’ll Be There’ (IBT) by Holly Goldberg Sloan is a book about two teenagers (Sam and Emily) who have completely different lives, connecting and then experiencing some pretty hectic things. That’s all I’m giving you, you have to read it to find out more.

I started reading this book and I wasn’t too sure about it but by the third chapter, I was hooked. Holly just has a way of creating lives, It felt like especially Sam, was a real person and I was reading an awesome heart-wrenching biography.

The first time I read one of Holly’s books it was ‘Counting by 7s’, I read it when I was, I think 13, and it was such a cute book. I received IBT as a Christmas present and to be honest, I looked at my edition and thought the cover makes the book not look great, but I have ended up reading IBT and from me reading it, I can’t wait to read the next book.

I give this book a rating of: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Age recommendation: 14+

Also, I’m back!  my life has been a little hectic lately but I’m hoping to start weekly blogging again.

Enjoy your reading Lovelies,

– Tamsyn


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