Quiet Soul Ministries

Come see my new blog that I have created with my best friend Elizabeth called Quiet Soul Ministries. Our tagline is ‘Striving to be HIS beautiful’, we want to inspire teenage girls as well as encourage them that God’s love for them is not for their outer beauty but their inner beauty. Us girls should … Continue reading Quiet Soul Ministries

Q & A

I ¬†asked you guys a couple of weeks ago for some questions I could answer on this Q&A, and I want to thank everyone who responded. What is a book you would never want to read again? Some of the books I have had to read in my English class have been pretty bad, but … Continue reading Q & A

Planner update!

I like to think that I’m creative and God has given me at least a smattering artisticness (pretty sure that isn’t a word but anyway…) so I have decided to do up my planner. If my planner is more inviting to my eye, I believe that I’ll make the most out of it and it … Continue reading Planner update!