Ever – a short, short, very short story.

A smattering of blue sky against the clouds.

Crisp autumn breeze and the click-clack of shoes against the cobblestone.

They are not joyous things in my mind. They are quiet, withdrawn.

There was once a personality that walked these halls, far more ecstatic than all the children in the square.

But she’s gone now.

And she can’t come back.


Never again will I see her face.

She won’t hum joyous tunes in the kitchen when the oven is hot and flushes all our faces.

She won’t be scrubbing and dusting in all the crevices the rest of us can’t reach.

She won’t be there at all


– Tamsyn


Psalm 121 : The Lord is With Us Always.

It’s easy in life to succumb to the pressure and stress it gives. We sometimes look for help and hope in the wrong places and can be overcome with desperation. We search for reassurance within our world which can give us the wrong answers, that ultimately lead us astray. It is important to look to the Lord everything. Continue reading

Beauty and Me

Just going to tell you all how I keep my beauty, beautiful. My whole makeup pallet.

Here it goes:

I don’t wear makeup at all, (hang on, does lip balm count as makeup?) I don’t think I need it. I don’t get my eyebrows done, I don’t wax the stray hairs. I can’t be bothered to try and be someone ‘beautiful’, well beautiful according to the media, I think I am beautiful how I am.

I don’t have a problem with people wearing makeup I just think they have no reason to believe they aren’t beautiful without it. I want to thrive to be a person, an inspiration just as I am, just as I look. people can judge me but it won’t matter to me.

I am as beautiful, you are beautiful and we are all beautiful in our own way because we were all made different. I want to encourage everyone to embrace their beautiful, we should start a trend or something like #embraceyourbeautiful.

Anyway, I hope maybe I’ve inspired some of you. God bless, God, made you beautiful.

– Tamsyn