What I wear in Autumn

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So with both outfits, jeans or fake, jean tights as I am wearing in the picture, are my go to’s for Autumn and winter. They are just great because they are warm and cover your legs completely. Anyway, for this first outfit, I have my jeans, boots and my coat.

I love this coat so, so much, it is so oversized and it is made from llama wool which means it is so, so warm. The print on the fabric (there are llamas) combined with the so rustic buttons is just adorable.

underneath the coat, I am just wearing a plain long sleeve shirt because the coat already is the star of my outfit

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For the second outfit, I just have the jeans again and the long sleeve shirt but then I pop pattern with the blouse. Then to finish it off I am wearing my Sanuks. This outfit is great for the warmer days in Autumn because it’s not too hot and if it’s too cold you can just put a coat on.

The blouse is great in Summer and Spring as well Autumn because you can just wear it on its own as a swimsuit cover up or just with some shorts. I bought this at a market and I recommend if you want something you can wear all year, try and look for something you can layer up or layer down.

– Tamsyn


Beauty and Me

Just going to tell you all how I keep my beauty, beautiful. My whole makeup pallet.

Here it goes:

I don’t wear makeup at all, (hang on, does lip balm count as makeup?) I don’t think I need it. I don’t get my eyebrows done, I don’t wax the stray hairs. I can’t be bothered to try and be someone ‘beautiful’, well beautiful according to the media, I think I am beautiful how I am.

I don’t have a problem with people wearing makeup I just think they have no reason to believe they aren’t beautiful without it. I want to thrive to be a person, an inspiration just as I am, just as I look. people can judge me but it won’t matter to me.

I am as beautiful, you are beautiful and we are all beautiful in our own way because we were all made different. I want to encourage everyone to embrace their beautiful, we should start a trend or something like #embraceyourbeautiful.

Anyway, I hope maybe I’ve inspired some of you. God bless, God, made you beautiful.

– Tamsyn

Autumn Thoughts

I’m so excited that Autumn is finally here, It has to be my favourite season because, well, everything. I love the cool air, the rain (means more reading time), Leaves fall from trees, snuggly jumpers and blankets, warm and cool colours mixed together etc.

I think it would be awesome if I had no assignments during Autumn but alas the world isn’t perfect. I think that everything is just ten times more awesome in Autumn than in any other season and no my birthday is not in Autumn, so I am not biased.

Please let me know in the comments below what your favourite thig about Autumn is because I would love to know.

– Tamsyn

You How I keep Life Organised

I cannot keep my whole life organised, sometimes life gets you and hits you with something spontaneous. But the stuff I can control, I tend to plan. Why? because I don’t really like spontaneous things to happen. Like a pop quiz, a spontaneous outing, I like to know what’s happening and when. To know these things I have two books.

Personal Planner

I got this planner from Typo. I use this for everything but school work or school things. I really like the gold ‘2017’ and the blue watercolour background.
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So to organise my planner I categorise things into two sections, events and tasks. For events, before I write done the event I draw a circle. And for tasks, I do the same but instead of a circle I draw a square, this is so I can draw a cross in the square once the task is done at or a line straight through to say that the task is cancelled.


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School Planner

My second book is, of course, my school planner. This is just a random lined notebook I found in my house I think it’s a good size (18.5 x 24.5cm) because I can fit all the info I need into it but It isn’t too big and bulky. On the front I have hot glued some postage stamps on to give it a bit of character.


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This is how I work it. Each month I will do a monthly outlook, where I can write in all the assignments I have that month, then I have a page to a week where I can put in all my homework for that week and what I learnt in classes. Writing done what I learnt each week, I think, is really helpful when exams come round because then you know what you need to study and it’s easy to find.
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So those are the two books I use to organise and plan, but ultimately I’m never going to know anything I just need to rely on my Heavenly Father to look after me and plan my life story.

Next year I think I will try a bullet journal and put my school work in with my personal events and then I will only have one book.

I hope you enjoy this post that’s a bit different than usual, please like if you would like to see more posts like this!

– Tamsyn