Psalm 121 : The Lord is With Us Always.

It’s easy in life to succumb to the pressure and stress it gives. We sometimes look for help and hope in the wrong places and can be overcome with desperation. We search for reassurance within our world which can give us the wrong answers, that ultimately lead us astray. It is important to look to the Lord everything. Continue reading “Psalm 121 : The Lord is With Us Always.”


Quotes from my book??

‘ “Who is she?” “Where did she come from?” “We don’t know. All we know is she’s been here longer than anyone else and she does ¬† ¬†things for the king” ‘   ‘Watching, waiting, Hearing bells ring. Slowly, sickly, Oh, dead men sing.’   ‘Mouse looked at her like she was a warrior angel. … Continue reading Quotes from my book??